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Valitor is looking for Cost Controller in Issuing Solutions.

Cost controller reports to Head of Issuing Solutions

Daily assignments:

Oversee cost management for Issuing Products

Assess and develop vendor releationships

Budgeting and control of incoming cost

Reconciliation and reporting



Develop and oversee cost management for Issuing Solutions

Measurement and reporting of vendor performance

Maximize profitability of the Issuing Products

Lead budgeting work


University level education, relevant for the position

Knowledge of payment services

Exprience from bugdeting and cost managment

Good skills of English, verbally and in writing

Excellent communication skills


Applicants will have to submit a CV and an introductory letter.


Further information will be provided by Ingibjartur Jónsson in Issuing Solutions, phone number 525 2000.


The application period ends on 30th of October 2018.


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